Bachelor’s degree in Audio-visual and digital media


Duration: 5 years.

Associate degree: University Technician in Audio-visual and digital media. (3 years)

Live in the creative universe of pictures and networks 

Every instant, everywhere, millions of people watch videos and pictures in the Web. New networks and formats, languages, ways of communicating and sharing things emerge. Their contents make us laugh, get angry, get excited. Through these formats we seek information, get to know places and people, we sell or buy products, we help others and get together globally for social reasons. 

This Bachelor’s degree gives you professional training to use the digital tools and the languages and narratives of audio-visual media creatively. Graduates will be able to design strategies, products and varied interactive large-scaled transmedia projects to contribute the formation of new identities and network audiences. 

Professional field of action

Graduates will integrate multidisciplinary teams in design projects, digital picture and sound production, interactive media, audio-visual art and social Media. 

They will be able to create digital transmedia projects of every kind such as journalistic, institutional, and advertising for production companies, private and public organizations that need to communicate their activities and contents.