Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Management of Information 


Duration:4 years.

Associate degree: University Technician in Administration and Management of Information (3 years) 

Manage and boost flexible and efficient organizations 

Associating technology to management is a challenge for all organizations, either public or private. The permanent changes produced by the digital transformation require the training of new professionals capable of responding to these dynamic contexts.

The Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Management of Information incorporates and integrates the specific knowledge of the areas of Systems and Technologies to the basic formation of the Administration Sciences. This integration defines a new model of professionals, capable of interpreting and managing a surrounding that is constantly changing in an innovative way.

Professional field of action

The strategic combination between knowledge in the areas of administration, systems and technologies will allow the graduates to participate in the processes of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling in diverse organizations such as industries, service companies, and public organizations. They will be equipped with the necessary tools to connect and integrate the different sectors of the organization and to articulate it with the context it is immersed in.