Bachelor’s degree in Production of Videogames and Digital Entertainment



Duration: 5 years.

Enter the fascinating world of the industry of the future. 

Videogames are an opportunity of recreation and learning. More and more, millions of people download them to entertain themselves and many times, as an educational resource. Their creation implies a passionate process of creativity and innovation for the development in different levels and rules, as well as in their scenarios and characters. 

This undergraduate course, unique in the country, offers technical training to create a videogame in its entire process of programming, from the initial idea to the final user. Besides, it proposes a number of multidisciplinary tools to make the new videogames or apps successful in the levels of downloading and circulation among the millions of proposals already in existence. The monetization and business models to have a viable product and to enable new creations and entrepreneurships are other aspects of the training that this career offers. 

Professional field of action

As bachelors in Production of videogames and digital entertainment, you will be professionals capable of programming videogames to be used in game consoles, smartphones, virtual reality, educational games, intelligent apps and interactive experiences. In Argentina, there are more than a 100 companies that develop videogames. You will be able to take part in national and international group works in the creation, design, programming and art of videogames as well as develop your own entrepreneurial project in this field.