Bachelor’s degree in Management of Technology



Duration: 5 years.

Associate degree: University Technician in Analysis of Technology. (3 years)

Be a part of the new era in innovation and technology 

Technologies are transformed and they are in continuous evolution. They are a fundamental component in the development of organizations. The efficient use of technologies demands a new profile of innovative and creative professionals, capable of adapting and optimising these technologies to and for the real needs of every team work. 

This programme is unique in the country and offers a multidisciplinary training, oriented to develop capacities to identify what technology is appropriate, how to implement it and who is addressed to, within the organization. 

Professional field of action

This undergraduate program promotes a professional profile that integrates management knowledge, innovation, Economics and technology to perform tasks connected to the design of procedures and new technological development. It includes diverse areas of work such as purchases, operations, logistics, quality, administration, accounting, auditing, finances, work relations, commercialization, marketing, among others.

As a Bachelor in Management of Technology, you can work both in the private and public sectors, in organizations, institutions, organisms and/or companies to introduce processes of technological changes that contribute to the economic, social and environmental development.