Sports Training


Duration: 3 years.

New sports professionals to take sport to the highest level

Today's sport demands new professionals at all levels and in all modalities. Practice and training experience new demands and challenges that require preparation and knowledge.

This course will train you as a qualified professional to plan, coordinate and evaluate sports practices. Its innovative curriculum combines technical, social and scientific elements to bring sport to its highest level of competition and at the same time, transform it into a space of development with participation, respect and friendship.

Professional field of action
As graduates, you will be able to work in the stages of initiation, development and improvement of people and groups that practice sports, either in a recreational, competitive or social way.

They will be able to organize and coordinate activities in various organizations such as clubs and public or private institutions, as well as autonomously.

In addition, they will be able to integrate interdisciplinary teams to diagnose physical condition and identify risks for athletes and promote healthy living in the community.